374/C Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue 25"

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Statue 25" tall by Vittoria Collection Made in Italy. This magnificant Sacred Heart stands on a dark gray rock like base and wears detailed garments painted with a lovely compliment of reds with righ gold tones. Both hands touch his Sacred Heart that is a deeply red with golden rays of light. His soft pale skin tone is accented with His wavy dark brown hair and beard. As His eyes gently gaze forward, He holds both hands upon His Sacred Heart which is defined with brilliant gold rays of light. Not only is the Sacred Heart a treasure to admire, but His marble composite material is strong and sturdy and compatible for indoor or outdoor use. The perfect addition for a daily reminder of your faith. The hand painted Sacred Heart statue was delicately crafted with detailed contour lines and finished with a brilliant complimentary color palette. This fantastic statue is very well detailed and the face expression of Jesus will bring peace to your home.


  • Dimensions: 7"W x 6"L x 25"H
  • Vittoria Collection Made in Italy
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor




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